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My Recommended Reading List for Success!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions the past few months about what books to read and materials to divulge in outside the context of school. This is part one of series of posts I’ll be publishing about resources to dig into. Enjoy!

Micro Camper behind Car

Micro Camper Build

his post is under construction.  Please check back soon!  In the meanwhile, check my other projects!     …First we bought a trailer… Lorem ipsum dolor

Prepped #7 tooth for PFM

PFM Bridge #7-9 (Pre-clinic)

After mastering the art of a single unit prep, we moved to the 3 unit bridge.  My lifetime of using power tools, fixing electronics, and

Bike Chain Name Plate

Bike Chain Name Plate

Before I started dental school, Emilia and I biked from Pittsburgh to Washington DC on the Greater Allegheny Passage (GAP) Trail and the C&O Canal

#30 Wax-up of Tooth

First Tooth Wax-ups

During the semester of dental school, we work on waxing up teeth onto a tooth “stump” to learn dental anatomy, perfect our craft of tooth

Aerial Drone Photo of Line Striping Project

Line Striping Start-Up

Senior year of undergrad, my best friend Jake Schroeder and I were out at dinner talking about what we wanted to do for work for