Snow Making Machine – Mark II


Snow Maker on Ladder Spraying Snow

After learning from my first Mark I snow maker, I set out to do it bigger and better than before. 

What stayed the same: 

  • The concept of a nucleation nozzle combining compressed air and water.
  • Freezing temperatures with mid to low humidity

What improved: 

  • Nucleation Nozzle (bottom nozzle in images): This time the water was being pumped at 2500 psi, not our weak private well pressure of 30 psi)
  • THREE additional snowmageddon making car wash nozzles pumping out water droplets at a rate upwards of 5 gallons per minute!
  • The snow output ran blizzards around Mark I.  See Mark I results here, they are measly.

After 2 hours of blowing snow, I was able to make about 6 inches of snow in a 10 x 30 foot area!