SPUDINATOR – Pneumatic Spud Gun


Photo of a man holding a pvc spud gun.

This was a fun project just before I started high school.  My best friend John and I were looking for something fun to do at the end of summer.  We settled on a pneumatic spud gun.  The design is pretty simple, we used PVC pipe and a PVC valve.  We used epoxy to seal in a valve stem and tested the ability to hold pressure up 100 PSI.

Next step, lock ‘n’ load a potato, or a golf ball, or a chunk of snow, etc.  Brace yourself.  And quickly flip the valve!

Our Spudinator was used to practice calculations on the trajectory of a ball in our High School AP Calculus class and later as a confetti cannon for our high school graduation.

Photo of a man holding a pvc spud gun.