College Gymnastics

Standing Back Tuck Still

I took a gymnastics class in college, and for a span of about 3 weeks I was confident jumping into a back tuck. Is my form good? No. …but I had fun in the class! I don’t fall into any single stereotype or category.  I’m always looking for a new talent to learn or skill to […]

SPUDINATOR – Pneumatic Spud Gun

Photo of a man holding a pvc spud gun.

This was a fun project just before I started high school.  My best friend John and I were looking for something fun to do at the end of summer.  We settled on a pneumatic spud gun.  The design is pretty simple, we used PVC pipe and a PVC valve.  We used epoxy to seal in […]

#7 Derby Car

Pinewood Derby Car in Shape of Tooth

This project — I must admit — I can’t take credit for. In 2003 my cub scout troop — along with troops from the surrounding area — came together for the event of the year.  The Pinewood Derby!  My dad – the troop leader at the time – was the visionary behind this piece. Of […]