Micro Camper Build

Micro Camper behind Car

his post is under construction.  Please check back soon!  In the meanwhile, check my other projects!     …First we bought a trailer… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. First we bought a trailer https://vimeo.com/388520829 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut […]

Bike Chain Name Plate

Bike Chain Name Plate

Before I started dental school, Emilia and I biked from Pittsburgh to Washington DC on the Greater Allegheny Passage (GAP) Trail and the C&O Canal Towpath Trail.  It took us 5 days to cover the 335 miles by bike, hauling camping gear and food.  The C&O Canal Towpath portion of the trip was extremely wet […]

Line Striping Start-Up

Aerial Drone Photo of Line Striping Project

Senior year of undergrad, my best friend Jake Schroeder and I were out at dinner talking about what we wanted to do for work for the upcoming summer.  We walked out of dinner committed to starting a line striping business from the ground up. We learned a LOT throughout the process. We started small – […]

College Gymnastics

Standing Back Tuck Still

I took a gymnastics class in college, and for a span of about 3 weeks I was confident jumping into a back tuck. Is my form good? No. …but I had fun in the class! I don’t fall into any single stereotype or category.  I’m always looking for a new talent to learn or skill to […]

Snow Making Machine – Mark II

Snow Maker on Ladder Spraying Snow

After learning from my first Mark I snow maker, I set out to do it bigger and better than before.  What stayed the same:  The concept of a nucleation nozzle combining compressed air and water. Freezing temperatures with mid to low humidity What improved:  Nucleation Nozzle (bottom nozzle in images): This time the water was […]

Giant Snowman

Photo of 12 Foot Tall Snowman

Nothing much more to add here, other than it was our family Christmas. We wanted to get outside and do something active. What better activity than building a 13-foot tall snowman!

Figure Skating

Figure Skating

My third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, my best buddy Jake Schroeder (Also a Dentist trained at U of MN – 2021) and I enrolled in a Figure Skating PE Class. For our final, we had to put on a performance and we chose to do a doubles […]

SPUDINATOR – Pneumatic Spud Gun

Photo of a man holding a pvc spud gun.

This was a fun project just before I started high school.  My best friend John and I were looking for something fun to do at the end of summer.  We settled on a pneumatic spud gun.  The design is pretty simple, we used PVC pipe and a PVC valve.  We used epoxy to seal in […]

Snow Making Machine – Mark I

Snow Making Machine on a Step Ladder

If you want to see the better snowmaker project, check out my Snowmaker Mark II.  This post is about my first attempt at making snow in high school. My Mark I Snow Machine was simply a garden hose and an air compressor running compressed air directly past a small trickle of water.  The resulting spray […]

#7 Derby Car

Pinewood Derby Car in Shape of Tooth

This project — I must admit — I can’t take credit for. In 2003 my cub scout troop — along with troops from the surrounding area — came together for the event of the year.  The Pinewood Derby!  My dad – the troop leader at the time – was the visionary behind this piece. Of […]